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There is no better time to learn effective tools to Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Calm the Fight Flight Response, Boost your Immune System and Strengthen Lung Function! Many of these exercises & techniques are based in Chinese Medicine, Qigong & Ancient Healing Practices.

Instructor Maryna Allan has a BA and MFA in Dance & Choreography. After seriously injuring herself in a dance class in NYC at the age of 48, she set off to China to learn Qigong. She trained primarily at the Hexianju Qigong School in Hainan over a period of 14 years. She also became certified in Eden Energy Medicine in 2011 and was invited to Hawaii, NYC, Malaysia, China, & Thailand to teach. Maryna co-founded the Be Energy Center in Los Angeles in 2010 and is now focusing on her online programs for schools, businesses & corporations.

Please join our White Feather Wellness Facebook Group for Free Live Video classes with Q and A. These 15 minute talks will help you, your kids & family stay balanced, grounded, healthy and mentally & emotionally stable.  

Online Zoom Classes:

Monday through Saturday – 11:00-11:55am
MaHa 9: Qigong and Eden Energy Exercises with fluid warm-ups and Tai Chi dance-like movements practiced to music, to harmonize Body, Mind and Heart,  Simple, Gentle Spiritual Energy Practice that’s easy to follow. Tapping and other energy exercises releases toxic energy and gets you grounded. Balances all the energy systems and emotions.

Monday through Saturday – 5:00-5:30 pm
Guided Meditation: Includes Breathing and Visualization to create a healing Chi-field.  Will also do sitting Qigong methods  for Health, Healing and Wisdom. Zhineng Qigong (means ‘Wisdom Capabilities’) and Neiyang Gong Jing Gong (Quiet Work Exercises). 

Officially, Online Classes on ZOOM start Monday, April 6th, Monday – Saturday (6 days/wk)
Fee: $10 per class or $25 for up to 12 classes a week both 11am and 5pm (only $2/class)

For Registration, Payment, more details:

Venmo: @Maryna-Allan 
Check: (make out to Maryna Allan) Send c/o: BE Energy Center, 22030 Clarendon St #213, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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Maryna Allan is also offering Private Online Energy Coaching and Qigong Healing Sessions. All Details Here

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