Online Classes

Join our White Feather Wellness Private Group Facebook Page to get 20 minute Free Live Video classes plus Q and A. Includes Eden Energy Medicine tools and techniques to Build Immunity and Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Qigong Practices & Meditations for Health and Inner Peace. Helps you, your families & children stay balanced, grounded, healthy and mentally & emotionally stable.

Classes via Zoom ~ Every Day except Sundays:

MaHa 9 Movement: Mon-Sat, 11:00-11:55am (pst)

Qigong Meditation: Mon-Sat, 5:00-5:30pm (pst)

Classes Start Monday, April 13th. See descriptions below. Can Join Anytime. Beginning Level. All ages welcome. Must send payment and email to register and receive Link.

FREE energy movement classes will be available on our Youtube Channel and via Live Video on our Facebook Group White Feather Wellness Private Group. To be a part of the Live Zoom classes it’s $10/per class or $25/week for up to 12 classes a week (about $2/class). These greatly discounted prices are offered to support those of us who have no or little income at this time. If you can donate more, that would help keep these movement classes going.

Paypal or VENMO: @Maryna-Allan or Zelle: reference (via Chase bank)

Guided Meditation ~ 5:00-5:30pm ~ Mon-Sat

Includes Breathing Exercises, Visualizations for Health & Healing and Qigong Meditation Practices: Zhineng Qigong (means ‘Wisdom Abilities’) and Neiyang Gong Jing Gong (Quiet Work Exercises). These seated Meditations are practices for Health, Healing, Inner Peace & Wisdom.

MaHa 9 ~ 11:00-11:55am ~ Mon-Sat

A New Spiritual Movement & Energy Practice 

MaHa 9 is an new innovative practice that combines ancient Qigong movements with Eden Energy Medicine Exercises (EEM) and gentle dance-like warm-ups. The movement sequences stretch all the muscles and warm joints to improve energy flow & vitality. Another focus is ‘Mastery of the Emotions, Mind & Body’. Learn how to release stress, negative emotions & toxic energy. Balance Chakras, Aura & Meridians while raising your vibration. Enhance Heart/Brain Resonance and Cultivate Inner Peace  & Gratitude

Register for Daily Classes & get Zoom Link: Email:

For Payment and Donations:

PayPal or VENMO: @Maryna-Allan or Zelle: or Send Check Payable to Maryna Allan c/o BE Energy Center, 22030 Clarendon St #213, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Private Zoom or Skype Energy Balancing Consultations, Spiritual Counseling & Qigong Self-Healing Sessions:

Online Sessions with Maryna are available at a greatly discounted rate: $108 for 60 minute, $54 for 30 minutes and $27 for 15 minutes. For more information. Read More To Schedule: Email:

Instructor Maryna Allan, MFA Dance & Choreography, Qigong Instructor & Healing Arts Practitioner; Certified Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and Instructor of Zhineng Qigong, Neiyang Gong Qigong, Qigong Healing (Fa Qi), Ho’oponopono & La’au Kahea (Hawaiian Spiritual Healing). Since 2006 Maryna has trained in China, primarily at Hexianju Qigong Centre on Hainan Island. She co-founded the BE Energy Center in Los Angeles in 2010 and teaches primarily in Los Angeles as well as New York City, Hawaii and Internationally.

Basic MaHa 9 practice:

The Basic MaHa 9 practice is a complete 40 minute daily movement routine, that first and foremost, will allow you to release negative emotions and any toxic energies you have collected from your environment or the people around you. Qigong methods combined with sounds for the organs, tapping, energy exercises and gentle dance warm-ups for muscles & joints to help move stuck energy and balance the elements, organs and emotions.

Additional Benefits:

Boosts the Immune System & Metabolism, Calms the Fight/Flight Response, Regulates Blood Pressure, Reduces Joint Pain/Arthritis, Calms the Nervous System, Improves Brain Function/Memory, Improves Sleep, Balances Hormones, Helps with Allergies, Grounds You, Relieves Anxiety, Stretches joints & muscles and Lifts the Spirit!

The 9 Movement names are:

1. Cool the Fire

2. Ground and Release

3.  Move the Flows

4. Balance the Brain

5. Build the Aura

6. Lower the Pressure

7. Let Anger-Worry-Grief Go!

8. Calm Fight-Flight

9.  Zip Up and Connect